About Us

Launched in India

Chick Punch opened for business for the first time in India on the 9th of May 2009 in Chennai, pioneering the beginning of the casual dining segment as never before seen in Chennai. Expansion plans are to have at least Hundreds outlets across the subcontinent. The Chick Punch brand is owned and marketed by Brofsy Foods Co. (P) Ltd.

Chick Punch’s Ambience

Chick Punch appeal is in its comfortable relaxing environment where guests can truly enjoy a quality dining experience. The service is friendly and accompanied by Chick Punch’s own stamp of flair and finesse.
,br> The interior, the ambience, the music and the flair all add to make the Chick Punch’s experience complete.

The outlet of Chick Punch, was first opened in Anna Nagar, Chennai and the name that was to best describe a feeling for generations to come.
,br> That was 2009, and today there are over 25 Chick Punch outlets across south India, serving thousands of guests every day.

The Recipe for Success

Great food and drink, superior service and a fun atmosphere, which is Chick Punch’s recipe for success. What are the ingredients that have gone into making Chick Punch an all time favorite? We believe it starts with our attitude, our commitment, as well as our secret recipe.

When we launch a business venture we commit the whole company to the success of the new operation. From creating the recognized Chick Punch’s interior to hiring, staffing and training at all levels, Chick Punch is there to help. At start-up we send experienced Chick Punch’s personnel to make sure the Chick Punch experience is consistent for the guest. We also provide the benefit of an intensive, comprehensive training program, unmatched in the food service industry; Our Unit Managers complete an extensive training program. The training ensures all our managers understand Chick Punch’s commitment to a quality guest experience. Because we believe the quality of a guest's experience is closely linked to the quality of the employee experience. So we make sure our employees enjoy what they are doing. After all, our guests will have fun if the staff is having fun! That is why we take fun so seriously.

People as a priority

In a business that begins and ends with people, naturally it takes a very special kind of person to qualify as part of the Chick Punch’s Family. We want to work with people who live by a code of integrity and commitment. These are people we will work with closely, people who will carry the Chick Punch’s banner while building a very successful business. We are very proud of the business associations we have cultivated nationwide and that these working relationships consist of mutual trust and respect, both personally and professionally.

Creation with innovation

One of the reasons why our guests keep coming back to Chick Punch is because they enjoy the food and drink. We offer everything from American/Indian favorites to exotic creations reflecting our international influence (such as our combination of combo meals). Indeed, you can say the Chick Punch’s Menu is truly international.

In fact, Chick Punch is widely recognized in the restaurant industry for its leadership in food and beverage development. Many items that are considered mainstream were, in fact, introduced by Chick Punch.

At Chick Punch, we have a year-round research and development program in place, monitoring food and beverage trends and ensuring that we maintain our innovative tradition. This commitment and ongoing effort allows Chick Punch menu to stay fresh, exciting and in tune with our guest is changing lifestyle, taste preference and eating habits.

Spiced with Style

There is a style, flair, a special feeling about Chick Punch that can never be totally packaged. We know that and that is why promote enthusiasm and individuality. Chick Punch staff is encouraged to bring personality to their work from spinning a shake or balancing a bottle. They often entertain guests.

    Corporate Address

  • Brofsy Foods CO.(p) Ltd.,
  • H-598, H-Block,
  • Anna Nagar,
  • Chennai 600 040.
  • TamilNadu, India.

    Quick Contact

  • email : mail@chickpunch.com
  • Tel : 044-26160170
  • Mob : +91 96000 93332

    Customer's Testimonals

  • Taste is Great, soft and Crispy chicken. I ever had it before.